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Few sights are more disturbing than the sight of blue lights flashing in a rear view mirror and for good reason. Even a simple traffic infraction, if handled improperly, can result in sizable spikes in insurance premiums or loss of license all together. There is an axiom in the law that says, "A man who represents himself without the benefit of an attorney has a fool for a client". That statement is true when dealing with Duplin County traffic offenses. In most Duplin County traffic ticket cases, legal fees are minimal when weighed against the potential cost of not disposing of a ticket properly.

Ludlum Law Firm handles traffic tickets in Duplin County (Kenansville) as well as in Sampson County (Clinton). Contact us today for a free consultation.  Browse the links below for articles about speeding tickets in North Carolina and other helpful resources.  Select your charge from the list for more information about your case.


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