Six Ways to Reduce your Traffic Violation Charges

Six Ways to Reduce your Traffic Violation Charges

Dealing with a traffic ticket can be tricky, even minor infractions can increase your insurance rates dramatically, waste precious time, and potentially lead to the loss of driving privileges. There are a few different ways to handle a simple speeding ticket in North Carolina, some more favorable than others. Not all types of disposition are available for every speeding case. Several factors determine which of these six results is possible, such as the speed involved, your driving record, and even how polite you were to the charging officer.

Regulating License Plate Frames and Covers

News Chances are, many drivers in North Carolina are breaking the law without even realizing it.  Most drivers are either unaware or don’t understand the current law in North Carolina when it comes to regulating license plate frames and covers. If you were to take a...

An Officer Wants to Search My Car: What Do I Do?

A common question we receive at Ludlum Law Firm is, “When should I refuse consent for an officer to search my car?”  The answer is “always.” The Fourth Amendment right not to be subjected to unreasonable search and seizures requires probable cause for an officer to...