When you celebrate a special occasion with family and friends, you never want the evening to end with a DWI.

Ending a great evening in the back of a patrol car with your destination being a jail cell is a nightmare that can be avoided. Unfortunately, at Ludlum Law, we’ve met countless clients who ended up in that situation after what should have been a fun night out. These clients all had something in common. Each of their evenings has ended the same way, with a first-time Driving While Intoxicated charge.

Fortunately, with years of experience handling many DWI cases, our expert attorneys are prepared to take on even the most challenging cases. Driving while intoxicated is considered a crime in every state. So, DWI charges are handled in criminal court, and while you have a right to represent yourself in criminal court, a first-time offender will have the most success by hiring a lawyer. Keep reading for four reasons you should hire a lawyer for a first-time DWI offense.

A lawyer’s opinion and knowledge are crucial.

It’s challenging for someone with no legal experience or training to analyze a DWI case. DWI law is complicated and constantly evolving, and every case is different. So, getting the opinion of a knowledgeable DWI lawyer will be key in your case.

Most DWI lawyers offer potential clients a free consultation. Before you leave for the meeting you will need to gather some documentation to ensure a positive experience. Some things you’ll need to bring include:

  • Your police report.
  • Any other case documents.
  • Proper identification
  • And a list of questions you want to get answered.

You don’t have to hire the first attorney you meet. But a consult is a great way to determine whether things will work or not.

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An experienced lawyer will have your back. 

From the moment you contact Ludlum for a consultation, our lawyers will stand by you and represent you as your case transitions into the court process and will show up at your DMV hearing to defend you against a suspension of your driver’s license.

In many first-time DWI instances, one of our firm’s attorneys can and will appear before the judge on your behalf to save you time.

We will keep you updated on progress. 

Whether it is your first offense or not, our attorneys at Ludlum will develop and execute a defense strategy to get you the best possible outcome.

We develop strong relationships with our clients because we believe strongly in keeping the lines of communication open. The last thing we want is for you to be in the dark about our strategy for you and your case. After all, your livelihood is being affected, and we do not want our clients to feel anxious and misunderstood.

We are experts in DWI law. 

With laws changing quite often, you must hire a DWI attorney who is well-versed in DWI Law. Our DWI lawyers will walk you through what different types of charges mean to you regarding the law and the next steps.

Essentially, our first step in your defense is to examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest to build a strong defense for your case. The same would apply for felony DWI and DWI Drug charges. Ultimately, we make sure you are thoroughly educated about sobriety checkpoints, lookback periods, DRR convictions, and much more.

If you have been arrested for a DWI, contact the expert attorneys at Ludlum Law Firm right away. We have a strong reputation for winning cases and setting our clients up for success.