According to, some of the three most popular New Year’s resolutions all had to do with diet and exercise, saving money, or learning a new skill. Unfortunately, such vague and common goals are easily forgotten by February.

Take your resolutions to new heights by choosing realistic and detailed goals that force you to break new ground and set yourself up for success. Here are four specific and smart New Year’s resolutions that will inspire you to take your new year goals to another level.

Organize a will and estate plan.

Having a will is arguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children, and assets, but it can also spell out exactly how you would like things handled if the unthinkable happens.

Procrastination and denial are common reasons for not having a will in place but realizing how important a will can come too late. To avoid the added stress on families during an already emotional time, it may be wise to meet with a lawyer to help you draw up a basic estate plan. Wills and estate plans are not extremely expensive and will give you and your family peace of mind; because of this, a will should be your top resolution this year.

Buy a house.

Buying a home as soon as you are financially able allows you to begin paying down your mortgage, so you’ll have a mortgage-free home once you retire. Housing is the most significant expense for most seniors, and buying a home as early as possible means you’ll maximize the chances of being able to pay off your house before you leave the workforce for good. If you aren’t financially able to buy a home this month, make it a long-term goal for the year.

Start saving and researching now, be sure to find a quality real estate agent and a real estate lawyer. Having the aid of an expert real estate lawyer like Ludlum Law Firm can assist you with situations such as understanding contracts, preparing all legal documents, and arranging the transfer of depots.

[Considering buying? Here are some reasons to hire a real estate attorney.]

Start with a clean slate.

It can be tough to reach your goals in a new year if you have a criminal record. A record can make it very difficult to find a job, rent an apartment, or obtain financing arrangements like a car loan. Therefore, it’s wise to consider all options to possibly remove criminal records like expungement.

Expungement refers to removing criminal offenses from a record or even diminishing them to lesser misdemeanors. Losing out on opportunities because of mistakes made years ago can be frustrating and detrimental to your future. With a bit of work and the right lawyer, you can put those mistakes behind you and find success.

Handle any nagging issues. 

Do you have outstanding citations hanging over you? It’s time to enter a new year by handling and letting go of those nagging, minor issues. Getting a ticket is a serious matter, and ignoring it will not make it go away. Fines, getting points on your license, and even losing your license altogether can have disastrous consequences.

Improper handling of traffic infractions, even if accidental, can result in skyrocketing insurance premiums and more legal trouble. With so much red tape to get through, you need the very best legal representation for your case.

Whatever your resolution is, make sure it is specific and a part of your positive growth plan in the new year. If you need help accomplishing these goals in the new year, call the experts at Ludlum Law Firm today!