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Buying a home is one of the largest and most significant purchases you’ll make in your life.

While a real estate agent can help you find the right house, right buyer and negotiate a price and closing date, a real estate lawyer will review any offer you make or receive, and ensure your rights protected duties are clearly defined. Having the aid of a real estate lawyer like Ludlum Law Firm can assist you with situations such as:

  • Understand purchasing contracts
  • Prep and register all legal documents
  • Prepare the deed and power of attorney
  • Attend closings and review papers required to sign
  • Arrange transfer of security deposits

Ludlum Law Firm provides real estate legal assistance in Sampson County, NC and Duplin County, NC. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation on how we can help your with your real estate needs.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Lawyer for You

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Lawyer for You

Selecting a real estate lawyer is a necessary and crucial step when dealing with legal matters surrounding real estate. All real estate lawyers are not created equally, and there is more to selecting an attorney choosing a name form Google. Since real estate attorneys...

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