Most people assume that traffic tickets are just minor annoyances they can handle independently.

However, the reality is far different. A speeding ticket can have negative consequences and admitting guilt might end up costing you more money than hiring an experienced defense team.

Getting a speeding ticket can have severe and long-term repercussions. For example, you could end up having to pay a significant fine, lose your license, and your insurance costs can increase. Because of this, it’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. However, knowing that expert traffic lawyers like Ludlum Law exist and are here for you can provide some relief. Here are five reasons you should hire a lawyer to fight a speeding ticket.

Lawyers have the expertise to get you out of it.

An experienced attorney will know the law and the local policies and can argue for your ticket to be dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation.  A dismissal or reduction of your traffic ticket will protect you from license and insurance points. License and insurance points cause an increase in your insurance premium and can lead to your license being revoked.

Most people fighting by themselves will likely plead guilty, pay and fine, and pay an increased insurance premium for years. You can benefit from having a lawyer who knows what technicalities they can use to help you get out of your ticket.

It will save you time. 

By hiring an attorney, you will be able to save yourself from having to miss work, travel time to the courthouse, or hours waiting in line. In almost all cases involving simple speeding tickets, an attorney can appear on your behalf.

At most traffic court appearances, you could potentially be there for many hours because they can handle thousands of citations on a busy day. However, you will not even have to take time off when hiring a lawyer.

Quality traffic lawyers will fight for your rights.

A knowledgeable lawyer knows just about everything there is to know regarding traffic law in North Carolina. They know how to argue on your behalf, and how to fight for your personal rights.

It’s a relief to know that you have somebody in your corner that understands the law. This will significantly increase your chances of having your ticket reduced, if not dismissed altogether.

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It is less expensive than you think.

When people hear lawyer, they think it’s way too expensive to even consider. Most traffic lawyers have reasonable rates.

When you consider that in addition to getting your ticket reduced or dismissed you will see how hiring a lawyer is well worth the cost.

There are many advantages to hiring a lawyer to represent you. Even if you are guilty, it can’t hurt to see if you can get your ticket reduced or dismissed because of an error. Appointing a lawyer is usually cheaper than paying the citation itself, so you don’t have much to lose.

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