Not all attorneys are created the same and searching for the right criminal lawyer in a criminal case can make all the difference when creating the best defense.

Finding the best criminal attorney can ensure you are appropriately represented when it’s time for court. Although searching for a criminal lawyer can seem overwhelming, especially while dealing with the repercussions of criminal charges, this will be the most crucial step in your case. Here are five tips to help you find the best North Carolina criminal law defense attorney.

The best lawyer for you specializes in criminal law.

The best attorney for your case will specialize in criminal law. If you don’t see anything on the lawyer’s website about criminal law, likely, they are not the right lawyer for you. The practice of law is that, years of experience and training. Your attorney needs consistent involvement in criminal law to stay up to date on the different distinctions and subtleties of this type of law.

Though Ludlum Law Firm is a general practice firm, 90 percent of Hayes’ Ludlum’s practice is dedicated to criminal defense. Hayes handles felony, misdemeanor, and traffic cases in Duplin County and Sampson County. Hayes has served the Fourth Judicial District Bar as Vice President and President.

Find a lawyer experienced in the local courts.

In addition to finding an attorney qualified in criminal law, you should look for a lawyer experienced in the local courts. This aspect is often overlooked when deciding on the right attorney, but local connections and relationships will go the distance when fighting criminal charges. Each court does things their own way, and each judge does things their way as well. Knowing the details of the court, you’re up against can help you create a winning strategy for your case.

Ludlum Law Firm attorneys have over 50 years of experience handling various legal issues in Duplin County, Sampson County, and surrounding areas. We are a general practice firm offering services in many areas of law, including Duplin County and Sampson County traffic tickets, DWI, and criminal defense and are very experienced with the local courts.

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Ask for reviews.

One of the most efficient ways to find the right criminal lawyer for you is to ask family and friends for experiences and testimonials with attorneys. Those with first-hand knowledge of how the attorney works will offer helpful insight into how they will relate to you and handle your case.

Also, if you use a lawyer for other business matters, like real estate or wills, you can ask them who they endorse for a criminal case. They often have someone inside their practice or will know someone. In addition, word of mouth is an excellent way to get an honest opinion.

Ensure they show confidence.

One type of experience that matters is good old-fashioned courtroom experience. Criminal trials will move quickly. Sometimes, your lawyer will have just seconds to make an objection that could impact the case. Ensure your attorney has enough experience to know the court rules and have the security and confidence in a court hearing.

Make sure they are listening to you. 

Ultimately, your criminal charge is yours. Your attorney should control the specific methods of creating your defense, like finding witnesses and filing motions, but the significant decisions are really up to you.

It’s up to you to determine to go to trial or plead guilty. Your attorney should take the time to understand your goals and priorities and consider when they’re helping you make your action plan.

If you have criminal charges, you need a knowledgeable, resourceful attorney who will fight to ensure that you are afforded every right guaranteed to you.

We at Ludlum Law Firm believe you are innocent until proven guilty and will fight for your constitutional rights in court. For over 50 years, we have proudly defended the rights of the accused in Sampson County, NC, and Duplin County, NC, and will handle your case with the seriousness and skill you deserve.

Having the aid of an experienced criminal lawyer like the ones at Ludlum Law Firm can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. We can assist you with any legal situation you may have. Contact us today